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  • Crys Armstrong

Lunar Eclipse - May 15/16th, 2022

We are sitting between two powerful astrological events: the partial Solar Eclipse of April 30th, and the full Lunar Eclipse of May 15/16th (maximum eclipse at 4:11am UTC on May 16th). Time is a series of cycles, all dancing together to create this reality that we observe and play in. These cycles are like the many circles on a gyroscope, all spinning in their own way but with the ultimate effect of create stability and balance. When we focus our attention on these eclipses we are observing the dance between three bodies: the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun. On April 30th we had the moon in between the Earth and the Sun, which cast a shadow on our planet, blocking the light from reaching certain parts of the spherical body we exist on*. These eclipses have an energetic effect on our the Matrix of our reality, whether in response to this shift in energy, or because it is written into the program. At the minimum we can observe that there is a lot of powerful