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Lunar Eclipse - May 15/16th, 2022

We are sitting between two powerful astrological events: the partial Solar Eclipse of April 30th, and the full Lunar Eclipse of May 15/16th (maximum eclipse at 4:11am UTC on May 16th). Time is a series of cycles, all dancing together to create this reality that we observe and play in. These cycles are like the many circles on a gyroscope, all spinning in their own way but with the ultimate effect of create stability and balance. When we focus our attention on these eclipses we are observing the dance between three bodies: the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun. On April 30th we had the moon in between the Earth and the Sun, which cast a shadow on our planet, blocking the light from reaching certain parts of the spherical body we exist on*. These eclipses have an energetic effect on our the Matrix of our reality, whether in response to this shift in energy, or because it is written into the program. At the minimum we can observe that there is a lot of powerful

symbology that we can tune into here, with the feminine Moon covering or blocking the masculine Sun. This Eclipse occurred when the sun is in the sign of Taurus (according to the Western Zodiac), so many people felt powerful changes in their life relating to Taurus' energy (physical and financial wellbeing, etc.).

Coming in just a few days we have the Lunar Eclipse, where the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, with the Earth casting its shadow on the moon, blacking it out for a short period of time during the night. This happens in conjunction with a Full Moon, so we have the feminine Moon, normally reflecting the radiance of the masculine Sun, temporarily cast into darkness. Here, the Moon will be in the Zodiac sign of Scorpio, which relates to the psyche, emotions, and even deception and trickery. Though this Eclipse will not hit everyone in the same way, we could certainly expect that emotions will run high. My suggestion during this eclipse is to take note of your emotions. Do not judge what comes up for you, simply acknowledge it, and if necessary do some somatic work to help those emotions flow through you. I highly suggest breathwork, as it is one of the most powerful ways to get out of the mind and into the body, while hypercharging your energy system to help flush out any stuck emotional energy. Check out Neurodynamic Breathwork for a free session! I am a monthly member and I do at least 2 sessions per month just to keep centered and strong.

I will be attending The Crystalline Convergence, an event in Sedona, Arizona hosted by Sandra Walter aimed at anchoring in unity consciousness while helping us to further activate our Crystalline Light Bodies. We will be working with, through, and for the energy vortices of Sedona, a power point on Earth's Crystalline Grid. Consider finding your own power point where you live to go and meditate, connect with the land, and even potentially view the eclipse. If you don't know where a power point or energy vortex is near you, you can usually default to a body of water, a forest, or even a mountain or hill (especially ones that were honored by local indigenous communities).

Remember that this is a powerful time, and these energies can be supportive on your path of expansion, or they can knock you on your ass if you aren't ready for them. Do some journaling using the following prompts:

  • What is my vision for this phase of my life?

  • What do I need to let go of in order to move forward?

  • Who can I forgive? What can I forgive myself for?

*theoretically Earth is sphere, but the ancients believed it to be a flat plane, and if you do the research it's quite an interesting rabbit hole to go down into. I have my own belief that the Earth is both a Sphere and a Plane, but that is a longer topic that I will address in another article. Check out the video below from Santos Bonacci expalining the ancient perspective in order to stimulate some curiosity ('s important that we question everything!)

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