Highly Sensitive Man.
Agent of Transformation. Channel.

In 2019 I woke up. A man in a park struck a Gong next to my head and the vibration shook something deep inside of me.

Just 19 days before then I quit drinking alcohol...a strange move for a Sommelier and Wine Importer. The choice to let go of alcohol permanently altered my trajectory. Over the next days and weeks I had a clear, if not confusing message...I was remembering how to be a shaman...a healer...a guide...


As everything in my life began to crumble around me, I chose to take a leap of faith...I booked a ticket to Mexico to join a group of Grid Workers on a pilgrimage, visiting some of the world's most ancient and curious megalithic structures to perform ceremony, a way to help bring Gaia back into balance. This journey was just the beginning.


During the last 3 years I have been called to countless sacred sites, studied under dozens of healers and shamans, all in an effort to remember who I am.

So...who am I?

I am an Agent of Transformation. I am a bridge from the Old World to the New Earth. I am a conduit for Cryst/Christ Consciousness. I am a Highly Sensitive Man who stopped numbing and started activating his gifts. I am a servant to Mother Gaia and to the Law of One (The Law that states that All is the Creator). I am a Channel for Higher Dimensional beings. I am a guide into the Subconscious mind.

Helping Highly Sensitive Men.

Highly Sensitive People used to the be the Shamans on this Planet. We were the people who could feel everything. We could speak to the elements, commune with the trees, and connect with the ancestors. We knew with things weren't right in our community, and we knew how to call upon the subtle world to heal it.


Now HSPs, especially Men, are shamed, silenced, and drugged. We don't fit in this Toxic Culture. We don't belong in this world...because we came here to build a new one. Our sisters have been hiding in the shadows, surviving the rule of the Patriarchy until the arrival of this Great Awakening. They are now coming out into the Light, reclaiming their power, bringing balance to our Planet.


But they cannot do it alone! It's time for the Highly Sensitive Men to Stand Up and reclaim their role as Warriors of the Light, as Heart Centered Superheroes. I am here to help Men to Reactivate their Super Powers and to help them remember HOW TO FEEL!


We must FEEL to HEAL! Humans live in a Prison of Trauma on a Planet of Pain, but now we are beginning a new era here on Earth. Mother Gaia is shifting into ever higher frequencies of energy, and it is time for her children to do the same. I am here as a bridge between the level of consciousness that we exist in now, and Crystalline Consciousness: the next step in human evolution.

The Phoenix Rises.

Like the Phoenix, I have set myself on fire countless times, perfecting my process of rebirthing from the ashes. As a Transformation Coach, I help my Brothers release their trauma, reprogram their bodies and minds, open their hearts, and align with their true Soul Mission.


I combine ancient wisdom, practical metaphysics, energy healing, crystal technology, breathing exercises, and movement practices to help Men expand their consciousness and embody the Divine Masculine.


Join me as we Create the New Earth. 

Awaken the Cryst within!

It's time to Remember Who You Are!