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The Crystalline Recoding Process

Highly Sensitive Men Weren't Made for This World

You were made to create something New.

You have the Capacity to Feel...and in this world, that means feeling pain, suffering, discomfort, and tension. 

Your senses are constantly overwhelmed, drowning in noise and static.

Maybe you have tried to save others while sacrificing yourself.

Or you turned to substances to turn down the volume.

Learn How to Honor Your Sensitivity

As a Highly Sensitive Man, you are a gift to this world. You came here to feel the insanity that we live in, to call it out, and build something new.

It's time to tune into your senses, to hone your sensitivities, and to begin to master the power of subtle energy.


Reprogram Your Mind & Body

You are an infinite soul living in the most advanced Bio-Technology on the Planet: The Human Body. You have been programmed from birth to fit in this insane world, but now it's time to become your own Software Engineer, and start installing the programs that serve your purpose.


Learn Your Divine Blueprint

Each of us was imprinted with a pattern of energies and archetypes according to our time and location of Birth. Your body and personality were designed by your Higher Self with precision in order to accomplish your mission. Receive a Full Decode of your design and start to live according to the script you wrote for yourself.


Understand the Power of Emotions

The Creator gave Man the ability to feel. It is a gift, a blessing that helps us to build worlds.

Learn how to navigate your emotions, how to move that energy through your body, and how to utilize it for creative purposes.

Stop letting your Emotions control you!


Recognize and Release Trauma

Trauma lives in the body. The energy of the trauma, the emotions that it provoked stays in your tissues. Learn how to recognize your Traumas and start to release that energy using powerful techniques like breathwork and shaking.


Get Support from a Man Like You

I was born as an extra sensitive male. No one taught me how to navigate this world, so I numbed myself and nearly killed myself multiple times with drugs and self-destructive behaviors. After learning about my Divine Design, I received guidance to begin clearing my traumas, and to start preparing myself to awaken other Men who came here to begin building the New Earth.


Are You Ready to Start the Journey?

You know that you came here for a greater purpose. You came here to break the cycles of human trauma, to build something new, and to express yourself as a Divine Creator.

Stop playing small. Stop hiding.

It's Time to Celebrate Your Unique Self.

You Came Here to Be Different.

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My name is Crys Armstrong

I am a Highly Sensitive Man, brought to Earth during this Time of Great Awakening as an agent of Transformation.

My Soul has countless experiences helping civilizations make massive leaps in consciousness.

I am here in order to help other Men activate their purpose and break free from the cycles of Trauma that we have inherited.

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