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Helping High Performers Break Free from Burnout

Rewire Your Mind.

Reconnect with Your Emotions.

Rewrite Your Story.

Are you tired of:

  • Addictive behaviors and tendencies

  • Overthinking and worry

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Painful relationships and breakups

  • Meaningless careers and dead-end jobs

  • Inconsistent Health and Fatigue

  • Feeling Lost and Purposeless

  • Playing small and settling for less

  • Attention Seeking Behavior

  • Not earning up to your highest potential

Are you ready to start:

  • Living in Alignment with your Authentic Purpose

  • Getting Clear about your Desires and Goals

  • Manifesting the Job or Building the Business of Your Dreams

  • Boosting Confidence, Self-Image, and Self-Worth

  • Releasing your Trauma

  • Overcoming Your Doubts and Fears

  • Attracting the Partner of Your Dreams

  • Living and Designing Your Life Intentionally

How I Work

In this program, we tackle the root of your greatest limiting beliefs and release them using simple yet powerful techniques that instruct the unconscious mind to let go of your baggage. This is followed by accountability support and a blend of practical metaphysics, ancient spiritual practices, and modern psychological techniques.


We begin by focusing on one of the major life categories:


• Career & Finances

• Relationships

• Personal Growth & Development


You’ll receive a breakthrough session in your chosen category to release the baggage holding you back from living the life of your dreams. Afterward, you’ll receive six months of support to ensure lasting change, helping you level up and become the man you desire.


Stop trying to change without releasing your baggage. Harness the power of the unconscious mind and make change the easier way.

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Break Free of Your Old Cycles

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Modeled After the Best Coaching Programs

I have been trained in a Coaching Process that is modeled after the Best Coaches in the World. This process is designed to create Lasting Change so that you can break free from your old habits, patterns, and challenges, and start living the life you desire. 
This process utilizes tools like Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mental & Emotional Release®, and Hypnotherapy in order to support you in easily and effortlessly releasing the blocks in your Unconscious Mind so you can actually create the life you desire.

4 Steps to Change

There are 4 Steps to Creating any Change in your life.

  1. Release your Emotional Baggage and Limiting Beliefs

  2. Create a Compelling Vision of the Future

  3. Take Aligned Action

  4. Stay Focused on What You Desire

Burnout to Brilliance Takes you through each of these steps so you start living the life of your dreams.

Get Accountability and Guidance

Most people fail on steps 3 & 4, and that is why I give you 6 months of support, holding you accountable for the goals you set and the actions you commit to taking. Some of us are just designed to thrive with outside accountability, so let me handle that part so you can stay focused on your Desires.

As you take action, more baggage will come to the surface to be released. Each session, you will get 1:1 support in releasing the baggage and staying focused on your goals.

It's time to step up and start living in alignment with your Authentic Life Purpose. 

When asked to check if  the negative emotion of Anxiety had been fully released: 
 “It’s like trying to start a car with a dead battery…I can feel the click, but I can’t roll the engine over…” - Dawson Gaudette - 24

Dawson G. - Phoenix, Arizona

My name is Crystal Armstrong

I am a Men's Coach and Spiritual Guide here to help you break free of the limiting beliefs, programs, and habits that keep you playing small. As a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mental and Emotional Release®, and Hypnosis I help Men reprogram their Unconscious Minds, allowing them to actually make lasting changes in their lives. I help Men Reprogram their Limiting Beliefs and Release Emotional Baggage, giving them the freedom to pursue their goals and move towards their dreams.

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The New Earth Needs a New Type of Man

The Crystalline Man is about awakening the Highest Potential within the Human Form. The Human vehicle is the most advanced bio-technology ever designed. When occupied by a Soul of Service, nothing is impossible. Man was designed as a conduit for the Creative Power of the Universe.

You came here to Play! You came here to Create!

YOU are an expression of the Evolution of Consciousness. 


Get 1 on 1 Support as You Awaken to Your Purpose

Crystal Armstrong is a Men's Transformation Coach specializing in helping High Performers to break free from Burnout, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, and more.

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