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Getting Crystal Clear - Lessons from 90 Days Substance Free

Four years ago I quit drinking…but I never called myself sober.

The main reason…I was still consuming a lot of psychoactive and intoxicating substances like:

  • Cannabis

  • Psychedelics (mushrooms, 5-MeO-DMT, Ayahuasca, and more!)

  • Party Drugs (MDA, Ecstasy, etc.)

  • Tobacco (cigars, Hapeh, and in other forms)

I was even drinking a lot of caffeine in the form of Ceremonial Cacao, Coffee, and Tea (caffeine is most widely consumed psychoactive drug!).

I would proclaim my success of being alcohol free, however, I was just shifting my addiction from one substance to another.

It wasn’t until August of this year that I recognized that it was time for a change. My NLP Coach (you better believe that even as a Coach myself, I have my own Coach!) helped me to see that I had been chasing highs all my life…drugs, sex, exotic travel, and even chaotic relationships.

It was a big identity shift for me to quit drinking alcohol…

and now it felt like I was ready for another shift…this time going completely Substance Free.

So I committed to 90 Days completely Sober.

I learned a lot during that period of time:

  • Substance addiction is only the symptom of a deeper root

  • Once the substances are gone, many of us turn to Process Addiction (social media, food, gaming, gambling, shopping)

  • Understanding Neurochemistry is clutch in breaking free from addiction.

  • Nothing happens overnight…change takes time.


You Can’t Do It Alone!

Community and Accountability are CRITICAL when making major changes like this in your life. So many men try to make big changes on their own, without the support of others. It’s time to let go of the shame and to be met by a group of men who will support you unconditionally.

So that’s why I decided to support my Brothers out there who are dealing with addiction.

Beginning in January 2024, I will be guiding a group of Men who are ready to change their relationship with substances.

✅ 90 Days Substance-Free

✅ Reset Mind & Body

✅ Solid Goals in Career & Health

✅ Connecting with other driven men

✅ Break Free from PØ®n

✅ Learn Healthy Practices

✅ Revamp eating habits

If you are looking to join in, email me at or click the link below to sign up for the newsletter and get on the waiting list.

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