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11/8/22 Lunar Eclipse Energy Forecast

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Eclipse season is ending with a bang on November 8th with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus and a heated Mid-Term election in the United States. This year has been filled with powerful astrological events ranging from USA's Pluto return on 2/22/22 and the power packed September that gave us 6 planets in retrograde. Numerologically this shouldn't be surprising considering we are in 2022, with the 22 representing the Master Builder and Master Destroyer. Prior to the Hebrew New Year in September, we were in the year of 5782, which no surprise adds up to 22. Needless to say, it's been a big year! Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Tomorrow at 6:02am EST we get the Sun and Moon in the opposition signs of Scorpio and Taurus, urging us to take the steps to make improvements in our romantic and even financial lives. Taurus represents the physical world, calling our attention on how we spend our money, what we buy, and how it affects our emotional life. Scorpio is all about sex, relationship, and transformation, inviting us to reflect on how we invest our sexual energy, and what we choose to create with it. Sex, Money, and Politics Sex and Money are incredibly connected. Our sacral center and our genitals are the channels for our life-force energy. Money, in the modern world, is the practical vehicle for our energy, it is how we move our energy between businesses, people, and governments (notice the word current at the root of currency). Few of us have been taught how to properly manager our money or sex energy, leading to all kinds of problems in our world. These range from abuse of power and manipulation to broken families and unwanted pregnancies. Add in a scoop of politics with this election, and you have one powerful gateway for reflecting on how our energy is used, manipulated, and drained. We live in a system of modern slavery where humans are registered in a birth certificate system in order to fund governments and corporations. The Media drains people by stealing away their attention and putting them against each other in a left v. right political system that serves everyone but the people. So How Can We Use This Portal Think of any 'gateway' or 'portal' as simply the alignment of the tumblers of an infinitely complex lock. When the tumblers line up in a certain manner, we are able to unlock certain energies and use them to our advantage. This is why so many ancient ceremonies are held on days of astrological significance. Many sacred sites are built so that they line up perfectly with the equinoxes or eclipses, giving these cultures powerful tools for creating their reality.

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So on Tuesday the 8th, early in the morning, you can align yourself with the eclipse, tapping into lunar and solar energies in order to amplify your intentions. Create a simple ceremony, whether at home or in nature (*bonus points for doing it at a vortex point or sacred space), and clearly speak your intention into existence. Your words are powerful. They are the most powerful ingredients to any good spell (ever wonder why we learn Spelling in school?). In Service to the Crystalline Awakening There is no right or wrong way to use this portal, however I recommend that you clarify your intentions. The Mayan Ceremonial Calendar aligns the eclipse with the day of 12 Toj. The number 12 is a crystalline energy, guiding us to call upon all of our resources and experiences to date. The archetype of Toj is about service, an energy of the nurses and teachers. This extra astrological lens shows us that we can commit ourselves in service to the Crystalline Awakening; the return of the Christ/Cryst energy on Earth. This energy invites us to reconnect to our power, to learn from nature, and to release the chains that have held us in bondage. The only way we can do this is together, so perhaps committing yourself to the creation of a community space, or even joining a brother or sister circle can help you get the support you need to move forward. A Time to Let Go No matter how you celebrate this Eclipse, remember that this is the season for letting go. The leaves are falling off of the trees, relationships and friendships are ending, and change is here. Suffering, as the Buddha teaches, comes from attachment, so recognize where you are clinging and begin to let go. Imagine if you were getting pulled downstream by a powerful river, yet you were holding on to a broken branch. You might think that the river will harm you, but by clinging to the branch you are inviting more challenge and pain than just going with the flow. If you are in a period of transformation, and feel stuck or beaten down, contact me at to schedule a call and learn how I can help you to thrive in times of change.

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