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  • Crys Armstrong

Light v. Dark - Spiritual Warfare

Star Wars, The Matrix, Star Trek...these sagas are exciting and interesting because there are 'good guys' and 'bad guys'. We live in a polar reality, for up to exist, we must have down. For left to exist, we must have right. For light to exist, we must have dark.

This universe is fractal in nature, and these movies are stories within a story within a story. They resonate so much with large audiences because there are universal truths represented by the characters and plots.

What would Luke Skywalker be without Darth Vader? How could there be a Rebellion without the Empire? How could we know the beauty of the light without knowing the evil of the darkness? Life is a story, a movie, a play, and you are an actor playing out universal archetypes and story arcs. Much like Luke from the original Star Wars movie, many of us being woken up to the truth that there is a spiritual war going on, and it has possibly been going on for an eternity. Luke Skywalker wasn't consciously looking for a battle, but he couldn't avoid it when the Empire destroyed his home and killed the only family he had left.

While flying through space, Luke was given a crash course by Obi Wan Kenobi on the power of the Force, the unifying spiritual energy that flows through all life. He was shown that with enough discipline and concentration, a man or woman can manipulate that energy to fit their will. Unfortunately, by waking up to this truth, that mean that Luke became a presence in the field. He could be felt by those that had been trying to kill him...he could no longer hide in the state of ignorance that had protected him for so long. As an awakened being, capable of manipulating the Force, he could be hunted.

Is this just a story, or is this a representation of universal laws and principles, channeled by an artist at just the right time to help us remember how things really work? Star Wars could never have been so successful, growing to multiple films, TV series, and countless books, toys, and t-shirts, if it hadn't had some deep truth that resonates with each of our souls. You may believe it's just a movie, a piece of entertainment for us to consume just like movie theater popcorn, pleasing to the senses but filled with little nutrition. However, there is truth in all art.

As you wake up to your truth as the principle character, hero or heroine, in the movie that is your life, you may find yourself questioning everything. Does the Force exist? Is there really a light and a dark side? Is the dark side really so malicious and malevolent? Does one really have the free will to choose their path...or is there a script that already has every line of dialogue in our lives written down?

Only you can answer those questions, however I can share with you my own personal truth.

Yes, this is a game/movie/illusion/simulation. Yes, we all have scripts, and we are all part of one big drama. Yes, there is a light and a dark side (however the line is not always so clear). Yes, spiritual warfare is real (and you chose to be alive during a great shift in that war).

I started learning how to read my script by learning about my Divine Blueprint. There are many lenses through which I can study my blueprint such as Human Design, Western and Mayan Astrology, among others, however we don't have lines that we recite on cue. The more that I embrace my script, the more that I live in alignment with my design, the more I awaken to my power and my truth as a creative being. Just like Luke Skywalker, I find myself moving through the world, ducking and dodging attacks from visible and invisible forces, never quite sure what will be around the corner. And just like Luke, my challenges get harder and my obstacles bigger, but as they grow so do I. I may not carry a blaster or a lightsaber, but I do protect myself against the dark forces, and I make sure to surround myself with friends and allies that can lend a hand when I am tempted by the power of the dark side.

There is a war going on, one between the light and the dark. I can't tell you what side to play on, that is something only your soul, communicated through your heart, can tell you.

It's time to wake up, and if you came here to spread the light, to dispel the darkness, then by God learn how to listen to your heart, follow your intuition, and learn the power of Choice. When you take responsibility and begin to choose, you begin to work on God's level, as a conscious creator...and we could use some more conscious creators on the side of the light.

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