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You Weren't Made for This World

You were made to create something New.

You have the Capacity to Feel...and in this world, that means feeling pain, suffering, discomfort, and tension. 

Your senses are constantly overwhelmed, drowning in noise and static.

Maybe you have tried to save others while sacrificing yourself.

Or you turned to substances to turn down the volume.

Water Healing Ceremony, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

My name is Crys Armstrong, Highly Sensitive Man and Agent of Transformation. 

I am here to support men on the journey to remembering their true self. I am a spiritual guide and healer here to help you break free of the limiting beliefs, programs, and habits that keep you playing small. 

Humans are capable of far more than we have been taught. Our body, our mind, and our emotions are infinitely powerful, and we can begin to embody this power by opening to higher levels of consciousness: Crystalline Consciousness.

Highly Sensitive Men have been repressed, shamed, and drugged. Now it's time to unlock our gifts, heal the trauma, and stand up as the Leaders and Builders of this New Earth.

Schedule a Discovery Call below to learn more about my Crystalline Recoding Process, designed to help you remember your Soul Mission and equip you to be your own healer.