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Helping Men Unlock the Power of  their Unconscious Minds

It's Time to Break Free...

Men who are struggling with addiction, trauma, depression, and anxiety may feel stuck and hopeless. As a coach, my goal is to help them unleash their full potential and become the best version of themselves. I use a variety of techniques to help my clients tap into the power of their unconscious mind and create the lasting change they crave.

All behavioral change and learning happens at the Unconscious Level, so it doesn't matter how much you push or how hard you try, if you don't get the Unconscious Mind moving in the same direction as your Conscious won't get anywhere.


Whether you're looking to break free from an addiction or get over a traumatic event, I can help. Reach out today to schedule a session.

My name is Crystal Armstrong.

I am a Men's Coach and Spiritual Guide here to help you break free of the limiting beliefs, programs, and habits that keep you playing small. As a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mental and Emotional Release®, and Hypnosis, I help Men reprogram their Unconscious Minds, allowing them to actually make lasting changes in their lives. I support Men in releasing them from their Limiting Beliefs and Emotional Baggage, giving them the freedom to pursue their goals and move towards their dreams.

Too many men have been stuck in endless cycles of Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, and Addiction. Men have been so confused, lacking role-models and guide who were supposed to teach us how to live truly as Men.

Humans are capable of far more than we have been taught. Our greatest potential...and our greatest limitations exist within the mind. It is my role to help you to unlock the power hidden within your Unconscious Mind.Schedule a Discovery Call using the link below to learn more about my Men's 1-on-1 NLP Coaching Program, designed to help you take a massive leap closer to living your life's true purpose.


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Are you Ready to Break Free of your Old Cycles?

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You're Connected!

Crystalline Consciousness

This next level of consciousness begins in the heart, not the mind. It is expansive, not contractive. It recognizes that every level, every piece of our universe is connected. It is perfectly and organically structured like a beautiful quartz crystal. 

By choosing to open to this higher state, humans will know their own divinity, awaken their true power, and remember their nature as one with God.

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