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The Power of Play

Rekindle Your Inner Fire with the Power of Sacred Play!

Breath, Movement, Imagination, Games, and More!

Crys Armstrong - 
Your Guide to Sacred Play

Crys is a Spiritual Guide and Life Coach helping Men break free from Burnout, Anxiety, and Stress. 

One of his Core Principles is Reawakening the Inner Child and giving oneself Permission to Play. 


What to Expect

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Why Do Men Need to Play?

Each Man carries a younger version of himself within. This younger version still needs to laugh, play, and explore. We were built to Play. 

As we get older, we are sold the idea that play is for kids only, and that it is a waste of time.

The Truth is that Play is Productive, helping in countless ways to improve Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health. 

The Benefits of Play:

- Get Exercise in Fun and Meaningful Ways

- Strengthen your Imaginative Abilities

- Improve Relationships and Connection

- Improved Focus

- Supports a Healthy Nervous System

- Stimulates the Mind and Boosts Creativity

- Helps you Feel Energetic and Young

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