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Are You Ready for Your Quest?

Customized, 1:1 Medicine Journeys and Transformational Adventures for Men.

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Starting at $599


What is a Crystalline Quest?

The Crystalline Quest is a Custom Private or Group Journey designed to provide the modern man with an initiatory experience to help them take a giant leap toward their ideal self. Most of us never received an initiation into Manhood, instead we have been stuck living and thinking like boys in a world lacking healthy masculine role-models. 

The Quest gives you a chance to get out of your home, out of your routine, and out of your mind, so you can start to connect with your body and heart. Redefine what it means to be a man. Sit with Sacred Medicine,

Heal your relationship with The Mother by connecting with Mother Earth.

Heal your relationship with The Father by feeling supported by a strong, compassionate Guide.

Why Quest?

Your Quest will be filled with Missions. These Missions are meant to push you out of your comfort zone so that you can grow and expand as a Man.

Traditional Medicine Journey Artwork

Traditional Medicine Journey

Sit with Traditional Medicines such as Kambo, Rapé (Tobacco), and more in order to shut down your ego, allowing us to reprogram you for the journey ahead. These medicines support in rapid transformation for those willing to face their fears.

DALL·E 2023-05-01 13.28.49 - a man charging himself up with breathwork, making him superhu

Breathwork & Primal Physical Training

Receive Guided Breathwork training in order to push the limits of what you think your body is capable of. Connect with the earth using primal movements and barefoot walking to remember how humans were designed to move, run, and play. 


Superhuman Training

Get one-on-one support with Transformational Coach Crys Armstrong and peer into the depths of your shadow. Learn the techniques you will need in order to Level Up your Human Avatar, and start living life as the SuperHuman you were meant to become.

Crys Armstrong

Your Transformation Guide

Crys Armstrong is a Spiritual Guide and Coach facilitating massive transformation for men. 

in 2019 he let go of alcohol after 20 years as a Sommelier and Restauranteur. Now he uses that experience to craft rich, immersive, custom experiences to help Men awaken to their higher potential. 

He combines Meditation, Sacred Earth Medicines, NLP, Energy Healing, and Movement Practices to give Men the support they need to break free from their past and step into their true purpose.

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Interested in Learning More?

Click the link below to schedule a 15 minute call to learn more about these Customized Quests

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