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  • Crys Armstrong

You Were Born into Slavery

Welcome to the Modern World. When you were born, your family was convinced by the current CULTure to place you into a system of servitude. When you were born your name was registered with the ruling government through some sort of birth certificate, essentially giving it ownership of your persona (Note: regis is Latin for 'king', also to 'carry back to', so you were carried back to the King). As a child, you were soaking up and learning all about the world around, where your friends, family, and media were imprinting you with all of the ideas and norms that would keep you in this system of control. You then were likely placed in a government run school brainwashing program, where you spent a minimum of 13 years (powerful number right there!) being formed and shaped to be a model citizen (a legally recognized subject of the state).

During this time you were taught that success was determined by letters or numbers on a report card. In order to achieve this success you were to memorize the information that was given to you, while rarely, if ever, being encouraged to think for yourself. Your ability to think critically was suppressed, while you were groomed to forever be an employee, a servant, a slave. From birth your parents told you what to do. In school your teachers and principals told you what to do. Being so well groomed in this top down structure, it's only natural that you would go out and get a job with a boss who tells you what to do.

Yes, you became a citizen of a government, whose administrators and politicians told you what to do. If you were a model child, student, and citizen, you would be 'free' to buy a home using a mortgage (mort = death, gage = pledge, so a death pledge), and of course purchase or rent any other number of junk items that ultimately do not ultimately contribute to your happiness.

Important note: you were not taught key things in the schools system like money management, investment strategies, long-term thinking, or even for that matter HOW to learn, so you could grow as a person in the future.

During your life your energy will be siphoned from you through a tax system. You will pay taxes on the money you earn (income tax, capital gains tax). You will likely pay taxes on top of the money you spend (sales tax, VAT). You will give away more of your energy through interest on the loans you have taken out. And on top of that inflation will slowly rob the money you do have of its purchasing value. You live in a world built upon your labor, and yet freedom and success are always just outside of your reach. You will have the chance to retire and finally enjoy the fruits of your labor only when you are likely too old and beaten down by the world to truly enjoy them.

Many people try to free themselves from this slavery system by building their own business. Yet so many fail because since birth we were groomed to have someone telling us what to do. We always had someone handing us a report card, showing us how well or not we were doing. When one tries to become self-employed, they find challenges because there is no one behind them telling them what to do. The tax system favors the mega-corporations while penalizing the small businesses. The system is stacked against the little guy in so many ways. So these entrepreneurs usually fail and return to the system, falling back into line.

So how do we start to free ourselves? First, we must teach the child within us that we do not need a boss, a parent, or a teacher to tell us what to do. We can let them know that we don't need a report card or an annual review to show us if we are succeeding. Get into a quiet space, imagine your younger self, perhaps the 7 or 8 year old version of yourself, and become their new teacher/parent. You now can tell them that they can do whatever they want, and that they don't need permission from anyone else to do it. You grant yourself permission. You motivate yourself. You define what success is.

This is just one of the many ways we can start to free ourselves. We must first recognize that we were taught to be servants to the greater system of control, and then we can start to reprogram ourselves.

Here is a simple guided meditation you can utilize to start connecting with your inner child.

It's time to take the red pill and unplug from the system!

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