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  • Crys Armstrong

You Were Born into Slavery

Welcome to the Modern World. When you were born, your family was convinced by the current CULTure to place you into a system of servitude. When you were born your name was registered with the ruling government through some sort of birth certificate, essentially giving it ownership of your persona (Note: regis is Latin for 'king', also to 'carry back to', so you were carried back to the King). As a child, you were soaking up and learning all about the world around, where your friends, family, and media were imprinting you with all of the ideas and norms that would keep you in this system of control. You then were likely placed in a government run school brainwashing program, where you spent a minimum of 13 years (powerful number right there!) being formed and shaped to be a model citizen (a legally recognized subject of the state).

During this time you were taught that success was determined by letters or numbers on a report card. I