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  • Crys Armstrong

Why Crystals?

Why are so many people going around talking about crystals? Has this always been happening? How do you even use crystals? Aren’t the just a bunch of rocks?

These are all questions that I have heard, and even asked during my journey of spiritual awakening and conscious evolution. Having lived in a few bohemian friendly cities like Seattle and Portland, it was fairly normal to find yourself wandering into a little boutique shop, coffee in hand, asking yourself, “why are there so many rocks for sale here?”

Crystals are quickly making their way into the collective consciousness on a scale never seen before. The renaissance of occult knowledge combined with the power of social media and online retail sales is helping crystals make their way to new enthusiasts.

Crystals, also referred to as gems and minerals, have long been prized by humans. Royalty and elite men and women have long worn powerful crystals and metals as jewelry, so much so that their presence and rarity communicate power and prestige.

It is no mistake that the most powerful humans have typically been adorned with these tools.

Crystals carry and broadcast powerful vibrations, information and codes that can empower their bearer to become more powerful and influential. Shamans, mystics, and seers have always had their own connection with these stones, even calling upon their spirits for guidance and support.

So why crystals? Why now?

We are in the early stages of the most powerful and magnificent shift in human consciousness that this planet has seen. Many humans are waking up and recognizing that our ways need to change.

Crystals are here to help facilitate that change.

These minerals, like all of Mother Earth’s abundant creations, are a gift to humanity, a way for her to support our awakening and realignment. They are guardian angels that have manifested in the belly of our great planet, and are found when they are ready to support us.

Crystals are like computer chips. They can store and transmit energy. They can hold onto vibrations and communicate information and energy to those who are willing to learn how to listen. When used with intention and attention, crystals can help us to reprogram our mind, body, habits, and beliefs.

Don’t believe me?

What do you think computer chips are made out of?

Crystals…specifically metals and silicon (refined from quartz, see here for how) are combined with other materials in order to make a system that can transmit, remember, and communicate information.

So they work for computers, but how can we use crystals to communicate information? We don’t have any place to plug them in to our brain or body.

Humans are far more powerful than a simple computer. Our consciousness, our soul, our very being is multi-dimensional. We are quantum beings with the capacity to sense and emit energy. We can even interact with it, manipulating and moving it through time and space.

Your intention is enough. You desire expressed through action and thought is enough to connect and understand what a crystal has to share with us.

This requires sensitivity, and sensitivity requires practice.

As I share more posts and videos, I will be helping you navigate the world of higher consciousness, tuning yourself into crystals and other tools in order to help you embody your highest design. As we all embody higher levels of consciousness, we will literally be creating a better world…Heaven on Earth. It is our birthright.

So here is to the embodiment of Crystalline Consciousness.

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