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Cryptocurrency - Financial Freedom or Quantum Prison - Episode 015 Show Notes

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are here to revolutionize this world...but to what end? Is it here to set us humans free, or to plug us deeper into the matrix of control. It's time for us to understand that we have the power to choose which outcome we desire most. Along the way we will talk about the magic of fungus, the financial reset, transhumanism, and why it's important to understand the code of this reality we live in.

No matter what your stance on crypto, if you own it, get it off of the exchanges and keep it on a cold wallet! Here are some recommendations:

D'Cent Wallet - I use this wallet personally. Biometric security is a huge plus!

Ledger Nano X - Another similar wallet, comes with an app to sell, exchange, and securely

Trezor - One of the most secure and highest rated wallets, affordable as well.

Stonebook - Though not a wallet, it is a helpful physical storage method for keeping your mnemonic keys physically safe and encrypted!

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Links from the Episode:

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