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It's a Bonus Show! - Show Notes - Quantum Mastery

I am in the process of rebranding and refocusing on the podcast, which comes with some costs. Please help me by either sharing a tip using the links below, or to write a 'Love Letter' for the Podcash Podcast Scholarship. I do not advertise, so I shoulder all of the expenses myself. Your support is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to greeting you with a new format and new name shortly!

During this time of retooling and reflection a message came in that I must share with you, so please enjoy this Bonus Episode for those of you that haven't gotten your needed dose of wisdom and contemplation.

While doing some shamanic breathing exercises that generally get me pretty high up in the upper chakras, I found myself speaking light language. I had been tuning into a group of beings that reside deep within Earth and exist in many dimensions simultaneously. They shared with me a few messages which eventually flowed into a smooth and organic series of messages for me and for you!

I got a clear message that this message needs to be posted. If possible, relax, set everything else down and just feel. The transmission has a few bits of light language, which cannot be understood by the mind, so listen with your body and your heart.

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