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Energy Forecast: Summer Solstice Edition

It's summer time here in the Northern Hemisphere, and it is getting HOT! June 21st at 2:08am Pacific / 5:08am Eastern marks the longest day of the year. The Summer Solstice has been long celebrated as one of the four 'cardinal' points during the solar year, marking the beginning of the peak growing season, and the time of most warmth and expansion. Ayurvedic teachings would guide us to start consuming more raw and cooling foods to balance out the excess of fire energy present thanks to these long days.

Though we can learn a lot from this cardinal point, it is best to integrate some other perspectives as we are in uncharted territory. Humanity has never before seen a world this uncertain. Ancient prophecies tell us that we are in a time of great change, shifting into the Aquarian age, a new Golden Era that will bring peace and unity on Earth. It certainly doesn't feel like that from where we are standing, but that is why we would do well to seek guidance from our navigation tools, much like sailors traveling at sea. We may not have the comfort of land to ease our troubles, but by locating ourselves using a variety of calendars we can start to feel a bit of comfort.

The guide ahead will give you some understanding of what is to come during these next weeks, with some specific coordinates in time/space provided by a variety of astrological tools to help you align and steady yourself.

Summer Solstice & Transition into Cancer: June 21st

The sun is highest in the sky and its love shines down upon us. The seeds that we have planted during the spring season will be given all of the nourishment necessary to come to fruition. Give thanks on this day for the blessings that will come to the projects you are working on. A small ceremony to show your gratitude can go a long way here. Traditionally making offerings to the land, to the creator, and to the various deities would be an expression of faith. Gift something simple to the land, its ancestors, and the ancestors of your lineage in gratitude. Make an altar in your home or garden, and offer tobacco, whole cacao beans, incense, fruit, or whatever feels like a generous gift. The energy of these gifts will be consumed and appreciated by these beings as they support you in your endeavors.

The expansive energy of the shift into summer is balanced with the transition into Cancer, connected deeply with the Divine Mother. This is not a passive sign, however. It is represented by the crab, and much like the crab it can be rather feisty. This water sign is about getting in touch with your emotions, but reminds us to utilize their energy to move us forward (emotion = energy in motion)! To help balance the fiery sun, get some water into your life. Head to the beach, chill by the lake, or jump into the creek and invite that cooling, feminine essence of the water in to help relax during this time of movement and expansion.

The Q'anil Trecena: June 20th-July 2nd

The Sacred Mayan Calendar moves into the thirteen day period of Q'anil, also known Lamat, the Star, or the Rabbit. This name of this day-sign or Nahual in Quiche translates to yellowing, symbolizing the ripening of the corn or maze plant, the sacred and staple crop of the Mayan people. During this period we are reminded to continue tending to our projects, investments, and our land with diligence and care, even up to the very moment of harvest. The corn plant can be a tricky plant to grow, especially because a variety of creatures are often lurking in the shadows, ready to snag a few ears of corn when the farmer isn't watching.

The Mayan Glyph of Q'anil or Lamat. The Nahaul of the Ripening
The Glyph of Q'anil (Guatemala) or Lamat (Mexico). Artwork from The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spursbury

If you are working on a project that is near completion, or perhaps are ready to take a much needed Summer Vacation, ensure that you do not ignore the tasks at hand. Things can easily collapse just before you reach the finish line, and the way things are going in the world, there are plenty of beings that are waiting to take advantage of our energy. Whether it's rising gas prices, food prices, or the threat of economic collapse, it is best to have a plan for what to do with your money, your harvest, your abundance. Set some aside for the next season. Invest in things like gold and silver, which are historically more inflation protected. Diversify your investments, and be sure to have plenty of food and supplies on hand.

Here are some days during this Trecena (thirteen day wave of time) to pay special attention to:

  • June 21st: 2 Toj/Muluc - This is the Summer Solstice, aligned with the energy of 2, duality, and Toj, service. During this time of expansion and sunshine, how can you be of service to those around you? Perhaps to your partners (business, romantic, etc.), to your community, or to your family. If you are bringing in a big harvest this year, can you share some with those around you? These are good days to make offerings like donations, as well as to commit to service to the greater good.

  • June 23rd: 4 B'atz/Monkey - The number of the physical realm combines with the Nahual of the artisan. No better day than today to play, to create, to craft, and to build. We are creators here to bring our vision into the physical realm...and to have fun while we do it. For those that have children on summer break, consider this a great arts and crafts day. For those without children, perhaps this is a day to tend to the home or create some DIY projects.

  • Friday, June 24th: 5 E'/Road - There is no better day than today for traveling, so consider taking a day trip or kicking off your summer vacation. 5 represents work or effort, so put your effort into traveling and reap the rewards.

  • Monday, June 27th: 8 Tz'ikin/Eagle - In honor of the previous Trecena of the Eagle, consider offering a small ceremony. The Eagle represents abundance, and Mayan Daykeepers would offer seeds, such as sesame seeds, to the fire asking for money to flow in their lives. This is the perfect day to begin a new business venture, offer a new product or service, and to affirm that you always have what you need and more during this time of economic uncertainty.

  • Tuesday, June 28th: New Moon & 9 Ajmak/Vulture - 9 is a day of the feminine principle and Ajmak represents forgiveness for our mistakes we make as humans. Combined with the New Moon, new beginnings are in order. We must forgive the ways we have treated the feminine energies: the pillaging of Mother Earth, the oppression against women, and the repression of the feminine essence within each of us.

  • Wednesday, June 29th: 10 N'oj/Mind - 10 is the number of community and N'oj the logical, rational mind. Today would be a good day to come together to create plans as a family, community, or in partnership. What will you do with this year's harvest? How will you show up for your community as the ground shakes during this time of change?

  • Saturday, July 2nd: 13 Ajpu/Sun - The auspicious number of 13, representing Spirit, our ancestors, and the other side of the veil combines with Ajpu, the Solar Lord, Christ Consciousness, the all abundant sun. If you are looking for inspiration this is a great day to receive it. Commit to being a vessel for the light of Spirit, connect with the higher consciousness, and commit to being a being of light in a time of darkness. Shine the light of love on this Earth and you will always be cared for.

  • Sunday, July 3rd: 1 Imox/Lotus - This new Trecena will connect us with the womb, the void, the dream in order to help us envision a New World going forward. More to come in the next update.

New Moon in Cancer: June 28th

I will echo some of the previous notes about this day, because the combination of the New Moon in Cancer with the feminine forgiveness energy of 9 Ajmak/Vulture denotes a strong energy for expansion. Cancer represents the Divine Mother in the realm of esoteric astrology, so this double feminine aspect reminds us to dive into ourselves and ask if we have been caring for ourselves and the different aspects or parts of our being.

The number 9 evokes the image of women sitting around in a sewing circle, sharing and consulting each other in order to maintain the health of the community. Honest expression and vulnerability allows us to know when something is off within our complex internal self. Once we listen and give space to hear, we can then seek resources from our network and community, much as the feminine principle reminds us that we are connected to all things.

If we have not been fully caring for ourselves up to this point, this moon is a good time to reflect, and provide the nourishment and mothering that we need to move forward. Perhaps a shift in your diet is in order, or maybe a new type of physical exercise or movement can help realign.

It's Not Too Late

A lot of preparation is needed to make the most out of the summer season. Fall harvest where we save seeds for the next year, winter reflection and rest, spring tilling and planting, each season contributes to the next. Don't worry if you haven't done all the 'homework' for this season, because there are so many expansive and beneficial energies supporting you. It's not too late to focus and take advantage of this time period. Even in this expansive, fire energy, it is good to find stillness, to go within, and to ask the various parts of yourself: what do you need to feel safe, what truth do you need to express?

Balancing the stillness and consulting your inner wisdom will help you to be fully aligned for this period of time. Much life the sailors navigating choppy waters, continual adjustments and refinements prevent us from veering too far off course.

If you are in need of support at this time, please check out my services page, or contact me directly to learn more about my 1-on-1 coaching programs designed to help you get clear on your vision and direction.

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