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  • Crys Armstrong

Clearing the Human Supercomputer

Our body is a living, conscious bio-electromagnetic battery system comprised of a collection of crystals. We are about ⅔ water, which is a living liquid crystal. Our body draws in that which it needs from its environment in order to create and sustain life. We consume minerals, metals, sugars, proteins, and countless other organic and inorganic crystals in order to thrive. Even DNA has a crystalline structure.

It is no wonder that we can store and move energy in and through our body so easily. We are consciousness, which is energy, so it makes sense that in order for us to express consciousness we would need to have a body vehicle that facilitates the storage and flow of energy.

There is an ideal state of energy flow in our body that most of us have not achieved since childhood. Much like a computer, we have accumulated a lifetime of input that causes blocks our system, slowing down the transmission of energy, and often preventing us from opening to our highest potential.

So what is it that is taking up space within our bio-electric system?

Childhood trauma, anger, frustration, fear, pain, negative emotions, old thought patterns. In the modern world, humans have not been taught how to process these things. We have been taught to ignore our thoughts and feelings, to numb pain, and to suppress anger. We are culturally pressured to not express our emotions (energy in motion), and this energy stays locked up in our physical body.

These elements stay stuck in our organs, our tissues, and cells, all of the components of this powerful bioelectric system, preventing our system from functioning at the level it was designed for. The perfect state of health that is our birthright is there out of reach because we are holding on to too much.

Just like a computer that is running unnecessary old programs and is filled with countless memory files so your system runs poorly. Information does not flow through you. Inspiration is practically impossible. Creative expression is blocked. Consciousness cannot flow through you because you are blocked up with a lifetime of junk.

It is time now for us to process those old, stuck emotions. It is time to express that anger that you have been taught to repress. It is time to cry those tears and feel the sadness that you never let yourself feel. It is time to access those old files, review them, and see what you don’t need anymore.

Give yourself a weekend free of input, free of distractions, and gift yourself the chance to work through all of that old information and ask yourself, “does this serve me?”

If it does, hold onto it, celebrate it, and cherish it. If it does not, feel it, witness it, and let it go.

Once you begin to move through this old energy, you will free the bandwidth in your system to allow new life to flow through you. Inspiration comes easily. Suddenly you feel inspired to create, to dance, to express the love that you have inside.

Your body is like an antenna, and keeping it clear of blockages will help you maintain your ideal level of creativity and happiness.

You are consciousness having a human experience, which means that you have a body vessel. By learning how to use your vessel, your bio-supercomputer, in the best way possible, you will naturally open to higher levels of consciousness. You will begin living a better life.

It may seem like a lot of work, but remember that you can’t just throw away this body and buy a new one, like you might do with your laptop. Treat yourself with love and kindness and free up your bandwidth so that you can live your ideal life.

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