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Rebirth of the Peaceful Warrior

A Men's Bufo Retreat

April 21-24, 2023

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When you are born on Earth, you forget everything. Your life path, your purpose, your other lifetimes...everything.

It's time to start remembering.
Join us for a weekend of Bufo, Astrology, Men's Work, and Emotional Healing.

The Journey Into the Desert


Bufo Alvarius -

Powerful Psychedelic Medicine

Bufo Alvarius, the Sonoran Desert Toad, contains a psychedelic compound known as 5-MeO-DMT, a powerful compound that creates deep healing experiences.

We will be journeying up to 4 times with Bufo in order to break through the emotional and psychological blocks that prevent you from becoming your authentic self.

Men's Work

We Men have been long disconnected from our emotions. We have been taught that to feel is to be weak, and that expression is for women only. It's time to break this cycle, and start to live as emotional beings. By working together in a sacred container, we Men can shatter generations of unhealthy patterns, healing the wounds of our families.

The Medicine of the Sonoran Desert

The Desert is a place of testing. It is a place we go to when something within us is ready to die. Like the Phoenix, we must burn away the parts of ourselves that no longer serve us. 

The desert is dangerous, but when one learns and observes, the desert holds innumerable treasures.

We will eat, sleep, drink, and breathe the desert over the course of our journey.

What to Expect

Up to 4 Sittings with Bufo

During our retreat we will have the opportunity to sit with Bufo multiple times. Every experience is incredibly unique. The Wisdom of the medicine helps you to work through whatever is most necessary at that moment, whether trauma, addiction, family patterns...You only need to show up and surrender. 

Reconnect with Your Body Temple

You live in the most advanced technology on Earth. It's time to start treating your body like a temple, and there is no better way than combining Bufo with other healing modalities. We will explore primal movement, magnetic therapy, music therapy, and even other Earth Medicines like Kambo (Amazonian Tree Frog Venom) and Hapé (Tobacco). Experience tremendous energetic and physical healing during your time in the desert.

We teach about Sexual Alchemy so you can start tapping into the most powerful resource we have, our sexual energy. Reconnect with your Body and remember that Pleasure is your Birth Right. We learn about ancient practices like semen retention so we stop draining our life force, and so we can return home connected to our own Fountain of Youth.

Integration Support

When we return back to Arizona, the journey doesn't end. Receive continued integration support through a series of weekly video integration calls. Connect with Crys directly through the Signal Messenger App and get your questions answered, or just express your anxieties in a safe container.

Experience the Medicine of the Desert

The desert offers us more than just Bufo. There is medicine in the earth, the sun, the cacti, the sacred plants, the seafood, and especially the people of the Tribe. We aren't just smokin' drugs here! We are connecting deeply and intimately with ourselves while we connect to the magic of the land itself. 


We sit with locals from the Seri Tribe, the indigenous people of the Comcaac Nation, traditional protectors of their land. They were not conquered like so many of the tribes, so they maintain their own Sovereign Nation, where they celebrate psychedelic medicine instead of criminalizing it. 



This 4 Day Retreat is designed as a Launching Pad for you to make massive transformation in your life.

Submit a short application form to start the process or to learn more about the program.

Crys will reach out to you shortly after you submit.

If you are a Veteran, please submit an application for the Veteran's Scholarship, which covers the cost of 1 Veteran to attend our retreat.

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